Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Mixtape #2 - This Is Now

G'Mornin! This here is the number two Love Action Friday Mixtape!

This week started out all nice and sunny and put me in a mellow spingtime mood. Cue shimmery mellowy lovely chilled out tunes. Thursday didn't follow suit and was a bit pissy, so I suppose that's where Jarvis' rain cloud at the very end comes in. See? Indeed some thought goes into this righ??

You can download the .m4a by clicking here!

Or visit the sister site, to download the mp3

Tracks included are:
1. Plainsong - The Cure
2. Take Ecstasy With Me - The Magnetic Fields
3. This is Now - The Knife
4. Things That Dreams Are Made of - League Unlimited Orchestra
5. Half Mast - Empire of the Sun
6. Ella Megalast Burls Forever - Cocteau Twins
7. Planet Health - Chairlift
8. Cindy Tells Me - Brian Eno
9. Cafe Creme - Christine Pilzer
10. Black Magic - Jarvis

Visit the iTunes iMix here if you are interested in purchasing individual tracks:

Go on... send me a message if you wanna... or... if you can find my email. A challenge perhaps? Maybe indeed so.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Mixtape #1 - Chop Suey Rock!

C'mere! This is the very first installment of Love Action Luvs Friday Mixes!

This week starts out with a bit of a dirty psychobilly kick before moving onto a bit of electroindiepoppy.

Download the fancy schmancy .m4a by clicking here!

Or just listen here, and even download the mp3 via this fancy widget:
Friday Mixtape #1 - Chop Suey Rock! by jessieloveaction

Tracks included are:
01 New Kind of Kick - The Cramps
02 Do You Believe Her - The Raveonettes
03 Chop Suey Rock - Instrumentals
04 Tu Veux Ou Tu Veux Pas - Bridget Bardot
05 Softly In The Night - The Three Bells
06 Alarm Clock - The Rumble Strips
07 Paris Is Burning - Ladyhawke
08 Lovesick - Friendly Fires
09 Not So Pretty - Rogues
10 Save A Prayer - Duran Duran

Visit the iTunes iMix here if you are interested in purchasing individual tracks:

Two songs were not available for purchase on iTunes; but you can find them online here:

Softly in the Night by The Three Bells
Chop Suey Rock by Instrumentals

Please feel free to get in touch, to send me any tunes or suggestions or of course to ask any questions.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

hullo...? This thing on?

An intro of sorts.

Hello, I'm Jessie, I'm not much of a blogging type, I don't really have that much interestingness in my life to subject the general public to my ramblings. Previously I was involved in rambling about life with my good friend Steve in podcast form (Culture Sluts), but that fell by the way-side a good few years ago. I do however love music... all kindsa flippin music...


Previously myself and my musical co-hort Susie were able to sate our audio appetites by DJing on a regular basis, but changing lifestyles, and a changing Dublin means we don't get to do that so much these days. Instead I'm going to attempt to make a little weekly playlist/podcast of the music I'm loving at the moment. Hopefully my friends will also join me in this endeavor. Not sure how legal n all that is, but to try and make it legal-er I'll link to an iTunes iMix where you can purchase all songs involved. So there. Don't steal music kids. Even better than iTunes, go into your local record shop and buy the tunes in CD/vinyl format. Much more satisfying, I promise.

My goal is to create a short and sweet playlist that is published once a week - hopefully a minimum of 10 songs every Friday morning when people head into work and proceed to doss.

Other things? I make films & videos, I make music. But most of the time, I'm pretty boring and have a pretty dull sense of humor. Thems the breaks.

Expect Love Action mix #1 on Friday.
toodles, jessie