Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday Mixtape #34 - Merry Christmas

This slightly belated podcast is a little mixtape of Holiday music that isn't super cringey and hopefully not overplayed in shops during this most craziest of seasons... Handy for a little festive get together, mix with booze & egg nog for full effect. Happy Holidays y'all.

I know it's a full two days late... but I do have an excuse other than taking a Christmas vacation (I did that too). I've spent the last few weeks in the isolated surrounds of the Navajo Reservation & in Telluride, Colorado - which is a teensy town atop a huge mountain. Needless to say, internet was not on the menu - and who was I to argue. So I sit now in Phoenix Airport, taking advantage of the free WiFi to finally bring to you my Holiday mix. I've only created an mp3 version this week (blame the laziness on over-indulging) however, you can find all tracks below.

Download Friday Mixtape #34 - Merry Christmas here,

or listen straight away in the player below

Included in the mix:
1. Hally - Xmas Songs Plastic Sputnik Arcade Punk Remix
2. Capitol Studio Orchestra - Cha-Cha All the Way
3. The Jane Bradfords - Too Much Christmas (feat. Katie Richardson)
4. Kay Starr - (Everybody's Waitin' For) the Man with the Bag
5. Billy May - Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Mambo
6. Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime
7. Louis Armstrong & The Commanders - Cool Yule
8. DMA-SC - The First Blip Blop Noel
9. José Feliciano - Feliz Navidad
10. The Dandy Warhols - Every Day Should Be A Holiday

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Mixtape #33 - We're A Happy Family

This week's mix is close to home... literally. It's all about the family - I'm home with my family and I imagine a lot of people will soon be with their family, or at least their adopted family. I'm gonna get a bit personal with this mix, dedicating it to my dad who just got great news regarding a recent health scare.

Anyways, you'll quickly figure out the little theme I've got going on, family, Daddy, Mother, Sister, Baby... you get the picture. Luckily there are some great tracks that feature these lil family themes. It's all a bit retro, a bit rockin, a bit sentimental without being too cheesy, well except for maybe Abba, to which I apologize in advance for, although we both know, they're a guilty pleasure. Hey, call home you! Your mom & dad love you!

Download the enhanced m4a version here
or just listen in the player below.
Friday Mixtape 33 - We're A Happy Family by jessieloveaction

Enjoy and happy holidaze!

This week's mix does include:
1. The Ramones - We're a Happy Family
2. The Cramps - The Mad Daddy
3. France Gall - Dady Da Da
4. Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby
5. The Beatles - Your Mother Should Know
6. Deano - Baby Let Me Be Your Baby
7. The Smiths - Shakespeare's Sister
8. Abba - Does Your Mother Know
9. The Grains Of Sand - Going Away Baby
10. The Ronettes - Be My Baby

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Mixtape #32 - As The Night Rolls On

This week's mix is a little unusual in the sense that it is melancholy-tinged manic-pop; Two styles which normally don't mix. Everyone I come across lately seems in a strangely similar mood - everything around us is full of doom & gloom, yet with this weird manic streak... With the cold cold winter, the recession, the floods, the budget, and everyone being broke... but Christmas and a new decade on the horizon, it's strangely hopeful. I thought I'd try and capture that mood with a mix. Here's to spending your last dime on some Druids cider and dancing through that dark cold night til the sun peeps out of them clouds.

Download the enhanced m4a version here,
or just listen in the player below.

The mp3 version is available to download on the sister site:

On the mix this week:
1. The Clash - Straight To Hell
2. Blondie - Sunday Girl
3. The Flirts - Jukebox (Don't But Another Dime)
4. Flashmen - As The Night Rolls On (NightWaves Remix)
5. Le Galaxie - Victory (Radio Edit)
6. Yeasayer - Ambling Alp (Memory Tapes Remix)
7. Love - My Little Red Book
8. Trailer Trash Tracys - Candy Girl (Demo)
9. Best Coast - When I'm With You
10. The Mighty Stef - Sing To Me

By the way, please check out iTunes to make a purchase of The Mighty Stef's latest single as posted here... and you can even check out the video that I made with my own hands.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Mixtape #31 - Reunited

This week's mix is a bit strange... uplifting yet dark, a bit twinkly and warm with fuzzy guitars and swinging hips and booming synth raptures before finishing up with a walk through memories of teenage love. It makes me feel like donning a fringey shift dress and going barefoot on shag carpet doing bad renditions of long lost dances... It's all very cozy and atmospheric and a perfect winter treat for weekend shut-ins who want to sup wine and boogie with their mates.

Download the enhanced m4a version here,
or just listen in the player below.

The mp3 version is available to download on the sister site:

What you'll hear this week:
1. Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
2. She and Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
3. Herman's Hermits - Jezebel
4. Os Mutantes - Bat Macumba
5. Fan Death - Reunited
6. Kiss In Cities - U R My Girl
7. Human League - Open Your Heart
8. The Smiths - Frankly Mr. Shankly
9. Lesley Duncan - You Kissed Me Boy
10. The Shangri-Las - Remember (Walking in the Sand)

xoxo jessie