Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Mixtape #16 - Fleeting Moments

Music has a funny way of pulling at your heart, poking and prodding at the lumpy bumpy memory section in your grey matter.

All the songs this week are a bit rockin, while still strangely mellow. Mostly made up of obscure-ish and dark 80s and 90s, it's night-driving music of the highest order. Imagine glinting evening sun as you drive along the Jersey Turnpike, hand out the window catching the breeze. You're sticky, and your lips are salty. By the time you get to the Manhattan Bridge heading into Brooklyn it's dark and the city is glinting, and the Twin Towers are still there because it's 1999.

Listen straight away in the player here:

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Eh? Well, the clutch of songs I've chosen for this week are perhaps a bit gratuitous for me as they're nostalgic and romantic and passionate in a completely personal way. I accidentally came across a song or two which sent me straight into an emotional time warp of around 10 years - I can't explain it other than feeling like a piece of my heart I'd forgotten existed had fallen out into my clutching hands. I became desperate to re-visit those crazy, exciting feelings of discovery and first-time freedoms.

Perhaps I can illustrate in my clumsy way: I was 20, in film school, living in Brooklyn. It was a hot sticky summer, my then-boyfriend and I were obsessed with music, more specifically early Factory & Postcard Records and general post punk. All my friends and flatmates were obsessed with films and photography and music and art. We were all in bands with each other and recorded ourselves in the NYU recording studios as school projects, and played one-off gigs in tiny bars to an audience of three. We all worked on each others 16mm films. We drove to the Jersey Shore and shot super-8 films and got sun-burned and would go into decrepit "Package Stores" to buy beer because we weren't old enough to buy it legally despite our weird miniature adult minds and bodies. We lived in obscenely hot and sweaty apartments filled with cast-off furniture and milk crates, with walls covered in posters and postcards and books and records and VHS tapes. I had no interest in current music, I obsessively bought 80s vinyl or stole them from the WNYU radio station where I had my own weekly show... Myself and the boyfriend would frequent Dick's Bar on 2nd Ave in the hopes to look at Stephin Merritt. Those hot sweaty summers were awful and wonderful and amazing.

This playlist doesn't really quite capture it completely, but The Names song comes pretty close, as does the Magnetic Fields.

Included in the playlist this week is:
1. A Gentle Sound - The Railway Children
2. Fleeting Moments - Pocketbooks
3. Everyday Should Be A Holiday - The Dandy Warhols
4. Talking Words - Darker My Love
5. Peekaboo - Siouxsie & the Banshees
6. 1st Rhapsody for Knives, Forks & Spoons - The Central High School Cafeteria Band
7. Life By The Sea - The Names
8. Let's Make Some Plans - Close Lobsters
9. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths
10. Absolutely Cuckoo - The Magnetic Fields

Down here you can buy most of the featured tracks... all but the Close Lobsters, who are possibly a bit obscure, but you can purchase the CD via Amazon Marketplace. Also, anyone who is a fan of vinyl, and the Smiths, they have re-issued a good number of their albums. If you live in Dublin I highly recommend heading down to Road Records to get your hands on these babies along with some other hidden gems that stacked among their shelves.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Mixtape #15 - Girls! Girls! Girls!

Girls! Girls! Girls! and Boys too! It's a boogie-tastic mixtape this week, Euro-inspired chest-swelling synths and, heart-pounding beats to get you really moving. Don't expect it to calm until the gentle and easy come down at the very very end.

Just goes to show the more things change, the more they stay the same... well, at least musically for the past 75 years at least... That's right, that there first song is not actually Motley Crue, but a song from the 1934 classic 'The Merry Widow'. Told ya this mixtape was diverse.

Here's the bit where you can listen to the track:

And then here's the bit where I tell you you're better off clicking here to download the m4a for the extra pictures & links & stuff that comes with fancier files.

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I also have music blogger Nialler9 to thank for introducing me to two of the gems on today's mix, Marina & The Diamonds & Koko Von Napoo, and in fact the remix of the KVN song is a free download from Niallers site here... sweet eh?

This week's mixtape includes:
1. Girls! Girls! Girls! - Maurice Chevalier
2. Puttin' On The Ritz - Taco
3. Polly (Chateau Marmont Remix) - Koko Von Napoo
4. I Am Not A Robot (the Aspirins for My Children Remix) - Marina & The Diamonds
5. Bonafied Lovin - Chromeo
6. One Day (James Curd Remix) - The Juan MacLean
7. Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Edition) - Death From Above 1979
8. The Only Truth - Paul Haig
9. Satin Chic - Goldfrapp
10. Playground Love (Vibraphone Version) - Air

Here's the links to download the regular versions of the songs below, if you're looking for some of the various remixes, they're floating around on the web for free somewhere I guarantee it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Mixtape #14 - Summertime

The name of this week's mixtape? Summertime. There can be no question about it, we are right in the midst of my favorite season. The days of having summer break are long behind me, but at least as a grown up, I can enjoy long summer nights & weekends. Here's my musical ode to just that.

The eclectic mish-mash of songs start out with gloriously and unashamedly epic dance beats before descending into a bit of nostalgia brought on by hot weather. As the mix moves on, it gets a bit darker, a bit cooler, like the long summer evenings tend to do. So start out wearing your micro-shorts and flip flops, have a lil dance, and then wrap up warm and cozy around a nice bonfire. The summer only lasts so long, take advantage while you can.

And yes... I've included a song by my own band, but I'm allowed to do that, cuz it's my mixtape. Ha!

Listen now in the player below:

or... right-click here to download the enhanced .m4a podcast. If you're one of those mp3 types, you can visit the sister site, all about the mp3s:

Song included are:
1. Pieces of You (Baby Monster remix) - Wolf Gang
2. True Stories - Datarock
3. Pass The Hatchet - Roger & The Gypsies
4. Shake Your Coconuts - Junior Senior
5. Summertime - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
6. A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays - De La Soul
7. Look Good In Leather - Cody ChestnuTT
8. I Love You - Esser
9. Bad Boyfriend - Talulah Does The Hula
10. Spooky - Dusty Springfield

8 out of ten track are available for purchase on iTunes below, but those that weren't on iTunes were: Wolf Gang (a FREE download!) and De La Soul (not free & not a download!)

Re-Post Friday Mixtape #13 Temptation

Hey guys.... I just discovered that my coding was a bit off last week for my #13 Friday Mixtape, which means that anyone who subscribes in iTunes or some other RSS downloader would have got the wrong file! I've since fixed it, but just in case you already downloaded the wrong file, here's the correct one...

Friday Mixtape #13 - Temptation .m4a


Mixtape #14 coming momentarily!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Mixtape #13 - Temptation

It looks like I'll go ahead and join in today's hype surrounding Ireland's Oxegen festival... and the Summer festival season in general. With this in mind I've put together quite a dance-y, boppy mix which, as usual, spans several genres and decades.

For the Oxegen theme I've included Felix Da Housecat and Pet Shop Boys as bookends. Most of my favorite acts playing Oxegen have already made appearances on this podcast/mixtape, so I've mixed it up a bit from the usual types of tracks, with a bit more proper "dance" acts stuck in - but fear not, for you will still find 80s-tastic tunes, and dirty 60s tracks thrown in for good measure.

I suppose I'm really trying to just capture that mad festival feeling, with songs such as, ahem, bop pills, and no fit state... you see what I mean.

Listen now in the player below:

or... right-click here to download the enhanced .m4a podcast. If you're one of those mp3 types, you can visit the sister site, all about the mp3s:

But... along with all the hype surrounding the festival, though I be no music journo, I too, will give you my "Recommended" list, along with links to the mixtapes they've actually been on - though, if you're actually going to the festival... shouldn't you already be there?!?

Good To See:
Blur, Lily Allen, 2 Many DJs, M83, David Holmes, Aeroplane, Little Boots, Squeeze, Nick Cave, Pet Shop Boys, TV on the Radio, The Specials, Jane's Addiction, The Ting Tings, Friendly Fires, Florence & The Machine, Telepathe, Fever Ray, Howling Bells, Patrick Wolf, annnndddd Passion Pit - Ladyhawke is awesome... but not so good live :-/

So without further ado...
Tracks this week include:
1. Ready To Wear - Felix Da Housecat
2. Hide and Seek - Mirrors (this song is so awesome I can't contain it!)
3. Temptation - New Order
4. Daylight - Matt & Kim
5. Bop Pills - Macy "Skip" Skipper
6. I Want Candy - Strangeloves
7. Cassius '99 - Cassius
8. No Fit State - Hot Chip
9. Sexual Sportswear - Sebastien Tellier
10. It's A Sin - Pet Shop Boys

and here's the usual linx for purchasing the songs... But from iTunes using the widget below... and the ones that aren't on iTunes are... Felix Da Housecat, Cassius, and Mirrors (that last one's freee!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Mixtape #12 - Hangin Around

This week we are going on another wild ride through several decades and genres of music... yet somehow all the songs are strangely cohesive.

Of course, in honor of the day of my native country's independence I've started off with MC5's 'Back in the USA'. Going on, the mix then dips it's toe in the 90s, 70s, and then adds a generous dollop of brand new contemporary fun music to make it extra sweet. Enjoy!

Click below to listen to the mix straight away

or right-click here to download the Enhanced m4a file complete with photos n stuff

If you prefer downloading mp3's you can get them on this site:

This week's mix is made up of:
1. Back in the USA - MC5
2. Legal Man - Belle & Sebastian
3. Hypocrite - Lush
4. Hangin' Around - The Stranglers
5. Let Go of the Fear - Maps
6. Problemes D'amour - Alexander Robotnik
7. Bournemouth - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
8. Lights Out - Santigold
9. Virginia Plain - Roxy Music
10. La Journee D'Isabelle - Isabelle De Fun├Ęs

Below you'll see some linx to purchase most of the trax on iTunes - with the exception of Belle and Sebastian, which you can click here to buy