Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Mixtape #5 - Better Things

This week I'd like to use the mixtape send a message to the sun: GET BACK OUT HERE! It's halfway through May! This playlist should be enjoyed whilst sitting on grass, leaning back, sun drenching your face, wind breezing through your hair, a cold beverage in one hand, daisy chain in the other.

As usual, a mix of the brand new and the vintage, but with one similar theme...bring out the sun!!!
(editor's note: I just realized actually... the theme should actually be "proper nouns" as it appears that six of ten songs are named after people or places. Whaddya know?)

Listen to the mix in the player below:

Or clickees here to listen and/or download the fancy schmancy .m4a

If you prefer to download mp3s, this site will satisfy your needs:

This week you shall hear:
1. Kim and Jessie - M83
2. Better Things - Passion Pit
3. Paris - Patrick Wolf
4. Blackberry Way - The Move
5. For Your Love - The Yardbirds
6. Hi Ho Silver Lining - Jeff Beck
7. Angela - Jarvis Cocker
8. Felicity - Orange Juice
9. C.R.E.E.P. - The Fall
10. Daniel - Bat For Lashes

Below you will find links to purchase 9 out of 10 tracks on the iTunes store. The Jarvis song, Angela, is the first single off his latest album which is due out in exactly 3 days. You can download the track, as well as a few others from the front page of his website: simples!

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