Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Mixtape #18 - Keep On Dancing

Get out your roller skates and tube socks. No, it's not an over-sexed American Apparel advert, it's today's mixtape!

This week's mix pretty much does what it says on the tin. Songs to force you out of your chair, say "I know this one!" and do that embarrassing boogie-walk to the only space in the room that isn't overrun with stomping pumps and winklepickers. We start with some brand new electro-fied Swedish pop, moving swiftly to some of my favorite roller-disco-freestyle-jamz before finding ourselves sweeping our feet across a packed dance hall holding hands with that young wan we've been eyeing up for ages.

Anyone who grew up in the States in the 80s will know that the likes of Debbie Deb and Patrice Rushen are synonymous with the words "Couples Skate." Awww yeah. When I lived in Brooklyn in the early 2000s myself and my roommate Joanne celebrated our joint-22nd birthdays down the road from our apartment at Empire Roller Skating. It was ah-may-zing. Known as the birthplace of Roller Disco, there were dudes there that looked like they'd been going there every weekend for 25 years. Sadly, the Empire closed - but it lives on forever in glory in a video by my NYU classmates The Rapture. Ahhh... Empire Blvd... Western Beef... livin' the dream.

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Included on the mix this week:
1. It Don't Move Me (The Knocks Remix) - Peter, Bjorn and John
2. Keep On Dancin' - Gary's Gang
3. When I Hear Music - Debbie Deb
4. Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
5. Funkytown - Lipps Inc.
6. Baby Boomer Backstroke - The Van Allen Belt
7. Tell Him - The Exciters
8. Love Is Strange - Mickey & Sylvia
9. Calling All Cows - Blues Rockers
10. Lust For Life - Girls

The Girls track Lust For Life wasn't available on iTunes, but can be downloaded for free on the Nialler 9 blog, and I believe The Knocks Remix of the Peter Bjorn and John track was also available for free via The Hype Machine.

Noice One.


  1. ah.. another wonderfully happy clappy mixtape from what is fast becoming my fave new blog... :D I'm starting to really look forward to fridays now! Sally (CIMH) xxx