Monday, August 24, 2009

An opinon on Eircom-Pirate-Gate

I know I've made a point not to use this blog as a platform for opinion; instead it is a place for me, a music-lover, to share music with other music-lovers. That said, I thought that this particular editorial column written by Una (Rocks) Mullally had a particular connection to what I'm doing with this site.

I am fully conscious of the fact that I'm providing music for free of which I don't own the copyright of. However, by giving information about all the songs included on the mixes, as well as links to purchase them, I feel I'm doing my part, or more, to promote some possibly less-well known artists, and encourage the sale of their music - plus I'm not handing out free mp3s of the individual tracks. Una wrote one quote in particular that I loved, as it pointed out something I've always felt about the true music lovers:

"...people who download music illegally aren't complete freeloaders. According to a study by BI Norwegian School of Management illegal downloaders and filesharers buy 10 times more music legitimately than those who don't download illegally. Why? Because people who download large amounts of music are huge music fans, and have no problem parting with their cash for a decent product."

so so so so true! Well, at least in my case.
Read the article in full here:

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