Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Mixtape #38 - The (Inaugural) Irish Edition!

Welcome to this week's mixtape. I am pleased and very excited to present my inaugural Irish-only mix. Well after 38 weeks it's about time eh?!

As much as us residents of Ireland complain about the incestuous nature of living on this small island, I've always felt there is a great community of support (and yes, healthy competition) within our small yet dynamic music scene. For a country with a population about half that of the city of LA, we have a stunning amount of amazing musicians. Seriously, think about it.
Download the mix here or listen in the player below:

If you wanted to download the mp3 version of this mix, you can do so on the sister site,

I am very very lucky to have actually worked with almost every act featured in today's mix, and some of them I get to consider good friends. As a member of Talulah Does The Hula, we have shared the stage with Candy in my Heels, Dark Room Notes, Lost Chord, Sleep Thieves and Sweet Jane. Andrew from Twin Kranes engineered our single, and over the years of being involved in music in Ireland we've also shared the stage with Conor from Villagers (back when he was an Immediate, I was a Neosupervital and my other Talulah's were Chalets) and in our past lives we've also worked with the amazingly talented Valerie Francis... lucky lucky us!

A lot of these bands have awesome stuff going on at the moment: John Shelly & The Creatures are on tour to support their new album, Lost Chord just released a new EP last night, TwinKrane's amazing album is doing really well across Europe, Both Dark Room Notes and Valerie Francis are up for the Choice Music Prize, Valerie is also up for a Meteor for best Irish female, Sweet Jane are long-listed for the Meteors most promising new act (vote for them here!) oh there's lots more news between all of them I'm sure.

Featured on this week's mix:
1. Candy in my Heels - Enough
2. Dark Room Notes - Let's Light Fires
3. Sleep Thieves - City Lights
4. TwinKranes - Amino Acids
5. Sweet Jane - Black Eyes
6. Lost Chord - Cheats
7. John Shelly & The Creatures - Angeline
8. Talulah Does The Hula - Lovesick Losers
9. The Ambience Affair - Devil In The Detail
10. Valerie Francis - Slow Dynamo
11. Villagers - The Meaning of the Ritual

There will definitely be more Irish mixtapes, which I am already looking forward to, and please feel free to send me any tracks you'd like me to feature. I cannot promise they'll all make it in as I'm pretty picky about my music, but I will give everything a listen.

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